Paint, Repair, Restore

Magnum Equipment is pleased to offer construction and industrial equipment refurbishment services. From painting, repairing and restoring – Magnum Equipment will take your weathered, paint-peeled, rusted equipment and will refurbish and restore it to ‘like new’ condition.

We take the refurbishment process very serious and will treat your equipment as if it were our own. Our refurbishment process began years ago by refurbishing equipment in our own rental fleet. We have the years of experience and have developed processes that work, eliminating the guesswork for you.

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Whether you own one lift or are a rental company with a fleet of lifts — our refurbishment program will benefit you.

Why Refurbish?

Company Image– Your equipment is the best advertising you can get! A great looking lift on a job site projects a positive image of your company to existing and potential customers. We can add your company logo to the equipment.

Reliability – On-Site service calls can kill your bottom line. Reliable equipment decreases and eliminates company/customer down-time. Your customers will value and appreciate reliable, good-looking equipment.

Cost Effective – New equipment can be expensive. A typical refurbishment will cost 35-40% of a new lift and can provide the same level of reliability and performance.

Less Risk – If you are considering a late model replacement for your own equipment there is always the risk you are buying someone else’s problems. Nothing is more frustrating than brooming “old reliable” for a newer model that continually disappoints. Stick with the equipment that got you where you are and give it a new life.

Better Rates – Rental customers are going to be more accepting of rate increases if the equipment they are renting looks and functions great.

What refurbishing does to your equipment:

Increases performance and productivity
Extends lifespan for greater return on investment
Restores to ‘like new’ condition
What refurbished equipment will do for your business:

  • Increased rental rates from 15-to-50%
  • Lowered operating costs
  • Increased asset life and utilization
  • Preserves valuable operating capital
  • Improved image and brand

Before & After Restorations